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DMart is among the biggest chains of supermarkets in India. DMart offers FMCG, clothes as well as health items at low costs. In this blog, I’ll share the DMart Products Price List 2023 and the PDF for download.

DMart Product

DMart (Avenue Supermarts Ltd.) was established by Radhakishan Damani in 2002, with its first branch located in Powai, Mumbai. Radhakishan Damani hails originally from Bikaner, Rajasthan and he was also the second richest Indian with an estimated net value in the range of $17.8 Billion.

DMart offers products at reasonable costs, also known as DMart price.

This is the full list of items that are available at the DMart Hypermarket. The list of prices for products includes every DMart product, particularly grocery items. We also included the MRP of the products as well as the DMart price for the same.

The headquarters D Mart’s headquarter D Mart is in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. At the time of its 31st December 2019 closing, the company had 196 stores spread across 72 cities in 11 states of India comprising Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, National Capital Region, Daman, and Punjab. Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.

DMart is made public through Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (ASL). The company has its stores in Mumbai. At the time of 31 March 2019 DMart had a workforce of 7,713 permanent employees and 33,597 employees hired on a contractual basis.

Scroll to the end of the table and download the DMart Prices List of Products PDF.

DMart India Page

Dals & Pulses

S.NoDals & PulsesWeightRate
1Tur Dal Latur1 kg99 Rs
2Moong Dal1 kg99 Rs
3Tur Dal Premium Gujarat1 kg112 Rs
4_Premia Groundnut500 gms69 Rs
5Moong Whole1 kg107 Rs
6Chana Dal1 kg82 Rs
7Kabuli Chana500 gms49 Rs
8Udid (Urad) Dal500 gms54 Rs
9Masoor Dal1 kg78 Rs
10Moong Dal Chilti500 gms52 Rs
21Chana Small500 gms38 Rs
12Vatana White500 gms59 Rs
13Matki500 gms40 Rs
14Rajma Red Small500 gms47 Rs
15Rajma White500 gms70 Rs
16Masoor Whole500 gms 35 Rs
17Chana Big500 gms 47 Rs
18Premia Daliya500 gms59 Rs
19Chowli Small500 gms60 Rs
20Mix Dal500 gms46 Rs
21Chowli Big500 gms32 Rs
22Udid (Urad) Black Whole500 gms43 Rs
23Vatana Green500 gms61 Rs
24Mixed Pulses For Sprout500 gms43 Rs
25Chana Green500 gms44 Rs
26Udid (Urad) Whole500 gms53 Rs
27Chowli Premium – 500 gm55 Rs
28Vatana Black500 gms39 Rs
29Udid (Urad) Dal Chilti500 gms47 Rs
30Ore ee Choice Unpolished Toor115 Rs
31Wal500 gms59 Rs
32Premia Soyabean500 gms36 Rs
33ae igs Choice Unpolished Moong110 Rs
34Premia Soyawadi200 gms20 Rs
35Rajma Kashmiri500 gms55 Rs
36Chowli Red500 gms40 Rs
37Dal – Rice Mix500 gms35 Rs
38iit (igi Choice Unpolished Chana95 Rs
39Kulith (Horsegram)500 gms40 Rs

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Dry Fruits

S.NoDry FruitsWeightPrice
1Premia Badam American500 gms 405 Rs
2Premia Akrod Magaj100 gms 162 Rs
3Premia Kaju (320) Regular500 gms 520 Rs
4Premia Akrod Whole1 kg 499 Rs
5Premia Anjeer100 gms 114 Rs
6Premia Kaju Tukda200 gms209 Rs
7Makhana (Foxnuts)100 gms250 Rs
8Premia Mixed Dry Fruits500 gms225 Rs
9Ald Dates – Deseeded Black Dates119 Rs
10Premia Kismis Indian500 gms177 Rs
1Premia Pista Plain100 gms225 Rs
12as Red Dried Dates (Kharik)500 gms75 Rs
13Premia Pista Salty200 gms279 Rs
14ee Dates – Deseeded Dates500 gms80 Rs
15Date Crown Fard500 gms185 Rs
16Premia Kismis Black200 gms75 Rs
17Falcon UAE Dates Seedless500 gms140 Rs
18Premia Kaju (210) Premium200 gms269 Rs
19ee Dates – Dates with Seed500 gms62 Rs
20Beek co Seeded Black80 Rs
21Premia Jardalu100 gms48 Rs
22Premia Kaju (240) Special500 gms575 Rs
23Date Crown Khenaizi500 gms170 Rs
24Premia Dry Apricot200 gms105 Rs
25Premia Kismis Selected200 gms99 Rs
26Premia Black Dried Dates (Kharik)200 gms30 Rs
27Premia Charoli100 gms130 Rs

Masala & Spices

1Premia Jeera200 gms55 Rs
2Premia Dry Coconut500 gms175 Rs
3Premia Green Elaichi50 gms144 Rs
4Premia Black Pepper100 gms66 Rs
5Premia Dhaniya400 gms100 Rs
6Premia Haldi Powder Deluxe200 gms32 Rs
7Premia Ajma100 gms45 Rs
8Premia Badishep200 gms60 Rs
9Premia Emli200 gms44 Rs
10Premia Green Elaichi Economy10 gms22 Rs
11Premia Khaskhas100 gms118 Rs
12Premia Till White500 gms130 Rs
13Premia Cassia Taj100 gms55 Rs
14Sal al Chilli Powder Deluxe126 Rs
15Premia Rai200 gms23 Rs
16Premia Dhania Powder Deluxe500 gms86 Rs
17iia Masala Powder Deluxe49 Rs
18Premia Coconut Powder200 gms62 Rs
19Premia Rai Small200 gms23 Rs
20Premia Amchur Powder100 gms30 Rs
ziPremia Lukhnowi Badishep100 gms
22Premia Black Pepper Powder100 gms73 Rs
23Premia Roasted Badishep100 gms22 Rs
24Premia Bedgi Chilli100 gms27 Rs
25Premia Dhania Powder200 gms36 Rs
26Premia Dhaniya Dal100 gms29 Rs
27Premia Kashmiri Chilli Powder1 kg215 Rs
28Premia Hing50 gms55 Rs
29Premia Jeera Powder Deluxe100 gms33 Rs
30Premia Kasoori Methi100 gms30 Rs
31Premia Red Chilli Powder200 gms42 Rs
32Premia Malwani Masala Deluxe200 gms60 Rs
33Premia Lawang20 gms25 Rs
34Premia Guntur Chilli100 gms20 Rs
35on Dhania Jeera Mix Khandela100 gms23 Rs
36Premia Methi100 gms13 Rs
37Premia Alsi100 gms10 Rs
38Premia Shaha Jeera50 gms40 Rs
39Premia Jaipatri (Mace)20 gms66 Rs
40Premia Tej Patta50 gms12 Rs
41Premia Star Anise (Badiyan)100 gms52 Rs
42Premia Kokam Rind Lonavala100 gms30 Rs
43Premia Til Black100 gms30 Rs
44Premia Sabja100 gms19 Rs
45Premia Jaifal4 Pieces37 Rs
46Premia Ginger Powder100 gms35 Rs
47Premia Sunday Mix Masala200 gms57 Rs
48Premia Masala Elaichi100 gms185 Rs
49Premia Eating Soda200 gms13 Rs
50Premia Dinkh (Edible Gum)100 gms23 Rs
51Premia Dry Ginger (Sunth)100 gms54 Rs
52Premia Amsul Wet Kokam200 gms58 Rs
53oon Phool (Black Stone Flower)55 Rs
54Premia Kalvanji100 gms19 Rs
55Premia Halim100 gms12 Rs
56one Nimbu Phool (Citric Acid)50 gms9 Rs

Multigrain Atta क्या है (बनाने का तरीका,फायदे ,दाम )

Flours & Grains

1MP Sihore Wheat5 kgs225 Rs
2Lokwan Wheat5 kgs175 Rs
3Rava1 kg39 Rs
4Besan500 gms38 Rs
5Premia Sabudana1 kg68 Rs
6Maida1 kg36 Rs
7Idli Rice1 kg48 Rs
8Jawar (Sorghum) Solapur1 kg68 Rs
9Lapsi Rava Small / Daliya500 gms24 Rs
10Rice Atta500 gms18 Rs
11Bajari1 kg35 Rs
12Lapsi Rava / Daliya500 gms24 Rs
13Idli Rava1 kg36 Rs
14Nachni1 kg45 Rs
15Makai For Popcorn200 gms21 Rs
16Premia Sabudana Small500 gms35 Rs
17Bhagar500 gms45 Rs

Salt / Sugar / Jaggery

1Premia Sugar5 kgs210 Rs
2Mast Mast Premium Jaggery900 gms59 Rs
3one Natural Jaggery Jar84 Rs
4Jaggery900 gms63 Rs
5Premia Ravalgaon Sugar200 gms13 Rs
6Premia Sugar Candy200 gms18 Rs
7Premia Salt White200 gms10 Rs
8Premia Black Salt200 gms12 Rs
9Premia Sakariya200 gms14 Rs

Rice & Rice Products

2IR Boiled Rice1 kg38 Rs
3Masoori Boiled Rice1 kg42 Rs
4Idli Rice1 kg48 Rs
5Red Rice1 kg52 Rs
6HMT Kolam Rice5 kgs275 Rs
7Mogra Basmati Rice5 kgs279 Rs
8Silky Kolam Rice5 kgs286 Rs
9Basmati Tukda Rice5 kgs321 Rs
10Wada Kolam Rice5 kgs325 Rs
11Pulav Basmati Rice5 kgs360 Rs
125 kgs389 Rs
13Basmati Rice 5 kgs469 Rs


1Premia Poha Jada1 kg49 Rs
2Premia Poha Patla500gms 29 Rs
3Miki Maize (Makai) Poha500 gms30 Rs
4Premia Poha Basmati500 gms94 Rs

Cooking Oil & Ghee

1Mamra (Puffed Rice)500 gms355 Rs
2Premia Cow Ghee Pouch1 Litre33 Rs
3Swaad Refined Sunflower Oil1 Litre84 Rs

DMart Prices PDF of Products

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