TOP OMEGA-3 FOODS Essential for Health

Flaxseed Swirl into smoothies, salad dressings or add flaxseeds to your peanut butter or other nut spréad.

Chia seeds High in fiber and protein. Try chia pudding, smoothies, yogurt or sprinkled on top of a salad

Hemp seeds Not just Omega 3 but also conta in protein magnesium, iron, zinc. Drizzle over pasta, grilled veggies, or popcorn.

Seaweed Ideal for vegetarians. Seaweed salad, rolled seaweed omelette, sushi are good- to-go options.

Walnuts Excellent source of healthful fats. Enjoy walnuts on their own or in a trail mix, snack bar, yogurt, or salad

Kidney beans Other than regular 'Rajma-Chawal, it can be used in hot and cold salads, side dishes, or soups.

Fishes Good omega-3-rich fish options include Mackerel, Salmon, Herring, Sardines Anchovies.

Oysters High in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3. Try them raw, fried, baked or on the half shell.

Edamame Richin antioxidants, Vit K. Immature soybeans inthe pod, boiled:or steamed, seasoned with saltand spices.